Algebra – Written around 1999

I went to Algebra class as happy as could be
Unknowing of what danger was lurking there for me

What is this I see

Oh dear poor me

This must not be my day

What is wrong with him

For mercy must I plea

When is recess

This is a catastrophe

I'd rather die

From this class I must flee

π pi
I think I'm going to cry

² Square
Algebra doesn't fight fair

√ Square Root
My brain will it pollute

But to Algebra I'll be loyal

Cartesian Coordinates
Finally this all makes sense

Quadratic Equation
Oh I see, Algebra's part of God's Creation

Dedicated to Mr. Dennis Taboada
Thank you for taking the time to teach me.

The Month Before Christmas – Written around 1999

T’was the month before Christmas and all through the house
Not a creature was stirring except one great mouse

And just for a change of hat, we will call it a rat
It was running through the garage looking for something to eat this or that

It did not wish to wander far
So it chose the family car

It crawled under the hood
Till on the engine block it stood

Oh for something to eat did it desire
So it chose an ignition wire

Nibble, nibble, gnaw, gnaw
That horrid creature ate it all

Another wire did it eat part
Then to its nest it did depart

The next day when the mother and brother had planned to go on a trip
After hearing the engine that expedition they did skip

Clang, clang, clunk, clunk
The car’s engine sounded like a piece of junk

Later that day the car did the father have someone repair
And when he saw the bill he did despair

When he found out that the rat had had a $300 meal
That creature he had a great zeal to kill

He put out some poison and two rat traps
Hoping that across one the rat would come perhaps

The poison was little bars that were blue
Each one a lethal dose which the father hoped the rat would chew

That night as the rat entered in from the east
He beheld before his eyes a great blue feast
He ate every single one of them the greedy little beast

For two more nights he ate just as much
Till on the forth night not a bar did he touch

On the fifth day as the father was inspecting the garage, that creature’s habitat
He found the dead rat

He saw its head faced
12 inches short of a blue bar it never got to taste

Then the corpse the father did dispose
And what ever happened to it nobody knows
And this is the end of my little prose

This is based on a true story and is 100% accurate to even the least deTAIL.