Moving to the dark side

Things have been crazy this past year. After 10 years of working at my old job, last march I took a position at a new job. I am moving from working as an engineer working on IOS and IOS-XR service provider networks, to now working in the Healthcare industry at a regional health care provider.

One of the biggest technical differences, which I was and am excited about was being to be able to work with a platform I have been watching for awhile. I am now moving over to the dark side….


Yes, I have been watching Junos and noticing how IOS-XR which I was growing fond of seemed to mirror many Junos examples I saw. In addition to working with Juniper devices, but I am working on F5 load balancers and Infoblox IPAM. I am planning to work on some more post in the next few months and modify some of the drafts I had from earlier to be non-vendor specific. I also may also start adding articles that are not about networking at all, as I may be posting things related to my interest and work with audio and recording.

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